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Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition is a service offered by HDDIS that converts scanned documents into standard text files. In order for you to search for information on imaged documents, information has to be converted to searchable text. One conversion process involves the use of an OCR program to read the image and convert the information to text.

OCR involves the recognition and conversion of printed characters on an image (picture) to searchable ASCII text (similar to type in a word processing program). Recognition is impacted by the quality of the scanned page. Even on quality pages, OCR output may results only in 80% accuracy and will need to be edited. The OCR'd text files can be linked to the original image and provided to the client with links that provide a useful transition from text to image.

HDDIS's staff of editors will clean up OCR'd text and run it through a QC process to verify data integrity. Edited documents will achieve 99.9% accuracy in database text retrieval. If you need to be able to accurately search the text, you will want this service to be performed.

HDDIS has been providing Data Entry Services and Computer Processing Services designed to meet the specific
business needs of organisations since 1997.

From back-office computer processing services to high-volume document scanning services and data entry services,
we offer cost-effective outsourcing alternatives to many functions within your company.

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